Photographs from the Falkland Islands

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The Falkland Islands are situated East of Patagonia on the South American coast and cover an area 12,200 square kilometres. The Islands are classified as part of the Antarctic Ecozone, and the Antarctic Floristic Kingdom.

The Falklands are divided into two main Islands, the East Falkland and the West Falkland, in addition to around 700 smaller surrounding islands.

The capital of the Falkland Islands is Stanley. The Islands have a total population of just 2,932 people.

The Falkland Islands consist of flat open regions, high cliff and mountainous hills of Tussock Grass. The Islands have no reptiles or amphibians, and the “Warrah” which was once the Islands’ only native land mammal is now extinct.

The Islands are famous for their marine and bird life. Penguins can often be seen here, including Macaroni Penguins, King Penguins, Rockhopper Penguins, Gentoo Penguins and Magellanic Penguins. These penguins commonly associated with Antarctica, come to the Falkland Islands to breed. In addition to the penguins, a large population of Black-browed albatross also breed on the islands.

The Islands also support an abundance of marine life, such as Killer Whales, Fur Seals, Leopard Seals and a variety of Dolphin species such as the Commersons Dolphin, Peales Dolphin, Hourglass Dolphins and Dusky Dolphins. There are a variety of Whale species that can be found off the coast too, such as Sperm Whales, Bottlenose Whales, and Sei Whales.